TAP Falcons patrolling crops - damage control
Pigeon Control with Falcons
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Tactical Avian Predators is fully insured and licensed by the Federal Government under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in addition to maintaining an extensive safety program authorized to work in hazardous environments - including refineries.     

Integrated Pest Management Strategy 
Tactical Avian Predators offers ecologically sound, sustainable, pest control based on ancient falconry techniques, habitat manipulation and a few proprietary but humane techniques to eradicate various types of pest species.

Pigeon Abatement
TAP is quickly becoming the expert eradicator of pigeons in our area. For many clients we will begin an aggressive trapping program. Pigeons are trapped alive, banded and relocated to a more favorable but less damaging site. If appropriate the trapped pigeons may be tested for diseases or West Nile Virus. Falcons are introduced to an abatement site once they can fly freely without danger - the Falcons in free flight haze and scare the pest birds into abandoning their nests or roosts. 

Agricultural Pest Bird Abatement
We offer falconry based abatement techniques for various crops - wine grapes, blueberries and cherries. Falcons are flown daily over crops to haze and chase pest birds like Sparrows, Robins, Finches and the crop eradicating Starling prior to and during harvest.

Consulting Services 
We also offer a wide variety of consulting options for your business. TAP's staff can survey your surroundings and propose changes that make a habitat (your business) less attractive to pest species and discourage feeding, roosting and/or nesting. We will also work with you to develop a program to establish a habitat that attracts wild raptors, which naturally maintains the pest species population.

Nuisance Wildlife Control
Raccoons and skunks can carry several diseases transmittable to humans. For example, the Raccoon Roundworm can infect humans and the disease is untreatable and sometimes fatal.  Tactical Avian Predators now offers licensed Wildlife Control and can handle raccoons and skunks.

Feral Cats
Tactical Avian Predators has developed and implemented several successful trap/spay/neuter/release feral cat programs that manage cat populations. Our program greatly increases the health and safety of the cats and the areas they occupy, making it safe for both humans and feral cats.

Allow us to customize and implement a solution to your pest species problem

Phone 972.215.8251 or email katheen@tacticalavianpredators.com